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Communications Arts Typography Winner


We are deeply honored to be among the winners of the 6th Annual Communications Arts Typography Annual, which was published this week. Our product designs for Mymo were selected as one of 142 winners from over 1700 entries, on the basis of creative excellence and quality of execution. One of the most discriminating awards publications in the industry, CA has a rich history of showcasing the best of communications design.

Props to FontShop


I want to thank the wonderful guys over at FontShop. Working on a book publishing project, I was trying to find the perfect text face. I decided to let their researchers make some suggestions, and gave them a set of parameters that I thought was near impossible to completely achieve - not just a complete feature set for mathematical and Greek characters, but also the right tone. Sure enough, they came through with a couple options that were spot on!



This site turns text you submit into "word clouds."
You can adjust fonts, color schemes, and a variety of other parameters. Perhaps a functional capability will come to me, but in the meantime it's a pretty good toy.