The most progressive UN Declaration ever

One year ago, The United Nations Population Fund asked us to help engage youth in a global discussion to help set UN population policy for the next 20 years. Hundreds of youth leaders met at the Global Youth Forum in Bali - joined by thousands participating online representing every country in the world (even Antartica!)- and drafted what has become known as the Bali Declaration. Setting specific, bold targets for improving the status of women, LGBT, and underprivelidged youth, as well as improving health, education, and employment worldwide, the Bali Declaration has been hailed by some as the most progressive UN Declaration to date. 


We are extremely proud that our efforts were able to facilitate such a landmark proclamation, which will positively affect quality of life for billions of people for decades to come. We recently published the landmark Bali Declaration as a book. The pocketsize document packages all 69 official recommendations in easy reference form. Small in format, big in ideas, the document paints a clear vision for the world that today's youth want to live in 20 years from now.




The Global Youth Forum has proven so successful that we have been working with UNFPA this year to extend the brand and online platform to engage youth in other UN initiatives, including a series of five conferences that took place in Geneva, Addis Ababa, Montevideo, Bangkok and Cairo. 

We look forward to building on the success of the campaign, and are extremely proud that our efforts are fast becoming a blueprint for the future of UN engagement - inspiring other UN agencies to launch online initiatives to generate exponentially broader input and empower individuals to shape the policies that affect the world we live in.


By Patrick

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