Spirit of ABNY 2014

Last week, the 2014 Spirit of ABNY Awards honored those who have provided a distinguished level of service to New York City. Produced by the ABNY Foundation (affiliated with the Association for a Better New York), this was our third year producing materials for the event, and we love helping recognize the best of our city.


To celebrate the the positive impact that this year's honorees have had on the lives of New Yorkers, we designed the materials to pay homage to the millions of individuals that live and work in NYC. Inspired by illustrator Jason Polan's ambitious yet poignant Every Person in New York project, we featured a selection of his illustrations wrapping around the invitation, presenting a cross-section of everyday life in the city.







The event presentation video looped on screens throughout the evening. As an aside, we've been loving Apple's Keynote software lately. It makes it super-easy to create simple animations like this quickly and inexpensively, yet is powerful enough that we've used it to make fully-interactive clickable wireframes for websites.

2013 Spirit of ABNY Awards
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