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Virgil Holding Page


We've been working overtime on a complete branding package for the Virgil nursing home in Los Angeles. And the first web page is now public. It's just a holding page for the moment, but we're working furiously on the full public site. Keep on eye on this facility. They're just getting started with a visionary new management and an innovative team of affiliates, and are reshaping the elder care industry. If you're interested in getting notified when the full web site is live, just sign up on the holding page, or contact us and we'll keep you in the loop on progress throughout.

Gotham Tennis


We just launched a new site and identity for the fine folks at Gotham Tennis Academy. Did you know that blue is the new green? It takes a little getting used to, but is quite striking.



This site turns text you submit into "word clouds."
You can adjust fonts, color schemes, and a variety of other parameters. Perhaps a functional capability will come to me, but in the meantime it's a pretty good toy.