Announcing For: Magazine


We are incredibly excited to announce the latest Project from Ultravirgo - For: Magazine. A year in the making, with contributors spanning the globe, For is our most ambitious project to date. 

For is a print publication highlighting important topics that are facing humanity, approaching our subjects with a positive, optimistic attitude. With interviewees from around the world, each article focuses on an amazing person who improves the lives of others, inspiring readers to make changes in our own communities.

In our first issue, coming later this fall, we explore the concept of maturing, considering the growth and change of people, societies, and ideas with the passing of time. Our articles explore the experiences of people who have dedicated their lives to peace and to human rights, people who preserve the religious or culinary histories of their community groups, and people who design housing and community gathering places. Features include:

  • Former President Jimmy Carter chats with longtime family friend Sheri Mann Stewart about his lifelong commitment to human rights and his full and fulfilled life. 
  • Delis Palacios is interviewed by Yanina Valdivieso Orozco about her work in the Colombian peace process and the complex ways that communities and individuals mature during and after crisis. 
  • Matthias Hollwich is on a mission to redesign how people age, and in the process, to rethink how our environments and communities shape our entire lives. 
We have gathered their unique stories together in one place to inspire our readers to challenge preconceived notions of "growing up" and "growing old" and consider the role of time and maturing in our own lives.

Preorder yours now and get free shipping. Or subscribe and get each issue shipped when it comes out (you'll only be billed for each issue a week or two in advance of when it comes out).

A few sample quotes: