Announcing For: Belonging


A year ago, we launched the first issue of our self-published magazine, For, telling stories of people who improve the world *for* others. And we're back, getting ready for the launch of our second issue, For: Belonging, coming this fall packed with some amazing stories. It is now available for preorder from our new crowdfunding campaign


This issue focuses on the theme of belonging - exploring how location and culture affect our sense of identity. In this moment of migration, political divisiveness, and constant connection, what are individuals around the world doing to help others find their own identity? What does it mean to belong? How do we find belonging? It includes interviews with Representative Rashida Tlaib, Sylvia Acevedo the CEO of Girl Scouts, and others who are taking action to improve the world for others. Stories also feature those working with refugees and deportees, LGBTQIA+ families, a cross-religious conversation among leaders of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Christian communities, and much more.


Sharing the love
One of the things we're doing a little differently with this campaign is supporting the inspiring people that appear on our pages. For example, each week we are offering a different print of a photo taken by a Yazidi youth in an Iraqi displacement camp. Taken as part of the 100cameras program, the youth are taught photography as a way of processing their experiences (we'll have the full story and their photos in the upcoming issue). For example, we have prints available of the touching photo below, taken by 10-year-old Goze. All of the $40 above our VIP level will go direct to funding needed supplies for her camp. Help her out?


09/ 3/2019

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