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We publish For: Magazine, a print publication highlighting important topics facing humanity, always with a positive, optimistic attitude. With interviewees from around the world, each article focuses on an amazing person who improves the lives of others.

Issue 1 – For: Maturing

Issue 2 – For: Belonging

Personal monograms used to be a badge of honor, embroidered on our every workshirt. We miss them. So we brought them back – reinvented in a more sculptural form with the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing. Order your own custom jewelry combining any two letters or numbers that have meaning to you.

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Originally developed for the United Nations as part of our identity for the International Conference on Human Rights, Chasm is a typeface designed with gaps – as a visual reminder of the gaps that exist in human rights. We are working to release it for sale, with a full characterset in five weights. Proceeds to be donated.

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