We love working with visionary organizations to communicate their pioneering ideas - from startups with a breakthrough new service, to corporations with a powerful product or non-profits with a vision to improve the world. We are especially passionate about empowering clients who are working to improve health.

What our clients have said:

“Ultravirgo did an outstanding job of helping the Parkinson’s Foundation develop its branding and update its strategic messaging. From our first planning meeting, to the working team meetings, to the launch of our new brand, Ultravirgo demonstrated a keen understanding of our organization’s vision and mission objectives. By carefully listening to our leadership team and stakeholders, Ultravirgo captured the essence of our organization and translated that into a comprehensive brand identity. I strongly recommend Ultravirgo to any firm, large or small, looking for the very best in branding and messaging.”

John L. Lehr, President & Chief Executive Officer, Parkinson's Foundation

“Ultravirgo was an indispensable partner in our successful effort to build awareness and engagement around 7 Billion Actions. The Ultravirgo team combined high-level strategy, superb creative and hands-on project management to make this highly complex, multifaceted global campaign effective and compelling. They contributed a number of ideas for maximizing the impact of 7 Billion Actions, with creative execution that brought a sense of excitement and optimism to the campaign.”

Alvaro Serrano, Senior Online Communication Adviser, UNFPA - The United Nations Population Fund

“The National Parkinson Foundation partnered with Ultravirgo to launch a national health awareness campaign entitled “Whatever It Takes to Beat Parkinson’s.” Ultravirgo was a one-stop shop for us: they created a visually appealing supergraphic with a companion interactive landing page that communicates the unique mission of the foundation, developed an online storefront that is easy to navigate, and they also designed promotional items for the storefront that display the brand prominently. They approached each project with a sharp focus on the overall campaign theme that would inspire people living with the disease. Overall, the launch of the campaign and the online store has increased our organization’s visibility dramatically. There is a high demand for these branded products which speaks to the ingenuity of Ultravirgo’s vision. I cannot wait to work with this stellar team again!"

Leilani Pearl, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, National Parkinson Foundation

“Ultravirgo provides timely, creative and strategically focused concepts and solutions for our firm’s website. As one of California’s leading public education law firms, we strive to provide web content that will resonate with educators, our clients. Ultravirgo takes the time to understand both the market we serve and the firm’s culture and mission, and this understanding translates into a remarkable creative product. Their point of difference is that they are creative with a strategic focus - a blend that is hard to find.”

Terilyn Finders, Director of Communications, Fagen Friedman & Fulfrost

"One of the goals of the UN review of progress towards to goals of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development was to engage a younger generation with the principles of the programme of action and to ensure that the priorities of youth were reflected in a forward looking agenda to deliver human dignity and secure individual rights beyond 2014. From the outset, Ultravirgo provided the ICPD Beyond 2014 Secretariat with exceptional creative support for our work, questioning, exploring and working with us to provide stand-out design work that has clearly articulated the goals and values of the review. Their acute insight into our issues and the creative integrity of their work is clear and their ability to 'think forward' is invaluable. Their work on branding for the Global Youth Forum website and associated social media collateral helped us to reach out to and engage over 3000 young people. Their work not only supported our team to build strong sense of connection to the ICPD agenda for a new generation, it gave identity to a community that will have lasting strategic value."

Anita Wiseman, ICPD Communications Specialist, UNFPA - The United Nations Population Fund