Modernizing a brand with history.

Sprague is a 142-year-old energy company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that offers liquid fuels, natural gas, biofuels, as well as material handling services at 15 ports. Splitting into two related companies, we we were asked to create a comprehensive brand identity for each. The challenge was to create a visual system that would unite the separate companies, while clarifying the overlapping offerings of each. We built a positioning platform around the company's ability to constantly evolve through multiple eras of the changing energy industry with a relentless ability to anticipate customers' needs. This was encapsulated in the brand line 'One step ahead. For 140 years.' which became the inspiration for the key graphic device: the Sprague ribbon. We delivered separate guidelines documents for the two companies, to clearly define the elements that are common and the ones that are specific to the businesses and individual product lines, allowing internal graphics department to produce materials easily and quickly.

Services: Brand Positioning Strategy, Messaging platform, Visual Brand development, Graphic Guidelines, Website User Experience, Brochure