Brochure and presentation detailing the broad potential of a groundbreaking prgram

The SS-GATE program is a unique initiative, part of the UN Development Programme, which facilitates purchases between businesses in developing countries through online and offline exchange platforms. SS-GATE required a capabilities brochure and a PowerPoint presentation that would explain the program to a wide range of audiences, including government officials, potential customers, and other UN organizations and divisions. Ultravirgo focused on simplicity and clarity to outline how the program works. A pocket in the back of the brochure holds a demo CD and inserts. This allows materials to be customized for each audience and to be updated frequently without reprinting the full brochure.

Services: Brochure design, Presentation design

"The Special Unit for South-South Cooperation housed within UNDP provides valuable and potentially game-changing services for the developing world. To do so, we are always looking for effective ways to communicate our message and our offerings. Luckily, Ultravirgo not only took the time to understand our mandate, they tailored a powerful and succinct message that cut across the spectrum of businesses, governments and civil society groups working for positive change in the development field.”

Chris Paek
United Nations Development Programme
Special Unit for South-South Cooperation