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Join us at the Sacred + the Surreal


The UltraVirgo team will be heading to Bruce Levingston's The Sacred + The Surreal performance at St. Bart's this Thursday. The program features eight piano pieces with three world premieres, as well as screenings of three surreal short films including a Salvador Dali home movie. Come join us! Drop me a line if you're interested.

Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth day from Ultravirgo! While we're firm believers in practicing sustainability year round, it's always nice to celebrate our mother. Check out some of the green events around town here, here and here  or take the opportunity to join Repower America

Tropicana Redesign


A lesson in brand equity: Freshening up a dated design is often a good idea. But if you have one of the most identifiable images in your industry (like Tropicana's straw-in-the-orange) don't dump it. Your consumers do care. p.s. To designers: After communicating what the product is, the most important challenge in packaging design is differentiation: stand out from the competition and clarify distinctions within the product line.



Us? We're going with the guy who has an amazing web site and a keen sense of typography. And we're suckers for a circular logo.

Changing Tides


Wow, I can't believe the election is just six days away! Thought we should do our part in the Get out the Vote effort and point out a couple of really easy places that you can check your registration status, see if you're eligible for early voting and check your polling place. Just think, we may be able to start talking about something else soon.

Art in the Big Easy


I've just returned freshly inspired from a visit to New Orleans, where the city is beginning to buzz with preparations for the Prospect 1 Biennial opening in 1 month. I was down there working on the open air project, sponsered by the Arts Council of New Orleans and opening concurrently. A friend's gallery/experiment was just written up in the style section of the NY times. KK Projects has taken over a block of hurricane destroyed houses and given a new life and a little magic to the area.

Warning! Warning!


Following up on my last post musing about when people can understand warning and bathroom signs, here's a light hearted site about them, should you need a warning sign of your own. Alert the world to Godzilla, gas masks, or what looks to me like a flashing fairy wand. Or check out Speak Up for more about pictograms.

What's That Mean?


On a recent car trip, my 4 year old Evie started asking about all kinds of generic people signs. You might think that they're fairly universally recognizable. They certainly can work cross culturally. But I have been wondering how early recognition comes. She learned quickly what they meant, but she couldn't tell most automatically since she can't read the words. Baby changing tables tend to have the funniest.

Roaring Alphabets


Check out the video preview of Marion Bataille's book ABC3D a gorgeous alphabet pop-up book with a swing soundtrack.

2008 Sexies winners


UVC client The Sex-Positive Journalism Awards (aka "The Sexies") just announced the 2008 winners. A varied, and incredibly interesting, group of topics.