What Will We Build Today?


An important question for creative people of all ages. It's also the title of my most recent book!

One of my favorite things to work on is educational books. Last year, I worked with Scholastic Books and illustrator Mike Byrne on a book for preschoolers, promoting pretend play and imagination. We decided to center it around the blanket/furniture forts that kids love to create. My kids had a blast making their own forts, ships, and more as I was working on the initial draft. One of their ideas (a cardboard drawbridge held up by string) was so amazing that I snapped a photo and sent it to the illustrator for background material. The final book is beautiful and fun.


Last week, I discovered the book is in the running for One Book 4 Colorado, an organization that chooses a single book and donates 75,000 copies of it, giving one to every 4 year old in the state. The other two books in the contest are wonderful and I am honored to have a book I wrote alongside works by these phenomenal writers and illustrators!

You can even see my book read aloud by Colorado Lieutenant Governor Donna Lynne! 

Check back on April 17th to find out which book wins!