Launching 7 Billion Actions


This week, we attended twin launch events for the 7 Billion Actions Campaign that we have been developing with The United Nations Population Fund. As you may or may not know, the global population will be hitting 7 billion on October 31, and the campaign aims not just to raise awareness of not just the population issues involved, but to highlight the efforts (big and small) that individuals and organizations have made to make the world a better place.<

With an event in Washington DC on Tuesday with National Geographic entitled Unleashing the Power of Women and Girls, (watch the highlight video) and the main 7 Billion Actions launch event (watch the UN news report) on Wednesday in New York with the Secretary General of the United Nations; the campaign is in full swing - the next 6 weeks mark the countdown to the big milestone.

Panel at Washington DC event, including Natalie Imbruglia, Monique Coleman, and the inspiring Kakenya Ntaiya (with microphone).

As lead agency creative directing the campaign communications, our work has been featured throughout the campaign, including brochures, posters, brand guidelines, and a 24' banner that is up outside the main entrance to the UN headquarters until October 31. We are supremely proud to be part of such a momentous movement, and honored to be able to contribute to its success.

We wanted to include portraits of all 7 billion people on the banner, but the logistics didn't quite work out within our deadline, so there are "only" 400 here.

Cover of the brand guidelines we developed. View the complete guidelines online or download a PDF.

The website has been a broad collaboration throughout the development process. For example we worked with designers from IBM to develop the concept of the 7 Billion Stories component, created the IA wireframes, and worked with Luccaco who did the design and development. Go to 7billionactions.org/stories and add your story to those of others - and find other people around the world who care about the same issues. See my story > 

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